An Asteroid Estimated To Be Worth $17.4 Billion Is Approaching Earth

Whereas residents of America await a second spherical of financial stimulus from the federal authorities, one different sort of financial stimulus is on its strategy from the skies. Sadly for any would-be home miners available on the market, the asteroid designated as 2000 WO107 is not going to be pretty shut ample for anyone on Earth to mine any of its mineral treasures.  Nevertheless one estimate from the net asteroid database Asterank has it worth of some $17.4 billion.

2000 WO107 is rich primarily in nickel, iron, and cobalt, and is on a path to achieve its minimal distance from our planet on November 29th. And its dimension is estimated to be 370 to 820 meters, ample to do important damage if it had been to collide with Earth. Nevertheless that’s nearly limitless home we’re talking about, so that “minimal distance” is unquestionably some four million kilometers from Earth, about 11 events the house between Earth and our private moon. In home phrases, that’s shut ample to qualify as a “shut technique” although there isn’t any likelihood of it even coming close by of anybody proper right here on the underside.

STAN HONDA/AFP by way of Getty Photographs

Together with its theoretical monetary price, 2000 WO107 has only a few completely different attention-grabbing numbers associated to it. It’s touring through home at roughly 56,000 miles per hour, per NASA’s private estimate reported by The Particular, and should very properly be nearly as huge as a result of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest skyscraper – is tall.

So it’s most likely best to not pin any large investments onto this express asteroid in the mean time. Possibly sometime ultimately it will be attainable for miners to extract useful minerals from approaching asteroids, nonetheless such a problem would naturally be terribly pricey to execute. For example, whereas Asterank estimates this asteroid to be worth some $17.4 billion, the estimated income is manner lower: a hair decrease than $726 million.

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