How Low Score In JAMB May Make The Board Take These 5 Decisions

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While pondering on that question, I came up with five (5) decisions the board may decide to take due to the poor performance recorded in this year’s JAMB CBT Examinations. The five ‘likely’ decisions are listed below;

This year’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is undoubtedly one of the Computer Based Tests (CBT) conducted that recorded poor performance across all states in Nigeria. The percentage of candidates who scored below 180 is likely to be on the high side by the time the board releases an official breakdown of student’s performance for the examination.

On seeing how students performed poorly, I asked myself some questions on whether there would be considerations for those who scored below 200 so that they can still be admitted into their desired course.

While pondering on that question, I came up with five (5) decisions the board may decide to take due to the poor performance recorded in this year’s JAMB CBT Examinations. The five ‘likely’ decisions are listed below;

1. The Board May Decide To Reduce The Benchmark To 180 For All Universities, Both Federal And State-Owned

Before now, most State-Owned Universities accept 180 in JAMB, but the board might be forced to instruct Federal Universities to accept 180 as well to give room for those who scored below 180. At the University of Benin and the University of Lagos for instance, the benchmark is 200, meaning that even if you scored 199, you cannot even apply to any course in these universities.

Judging from the poor performance in JAMB, I believe that the board might decide to reduce the benchmark to 180 for all Federal Universities so that a large proportion of students who scored below 200 won’t be left out.

2. The Board May Decide To Create An E-Learning App For Students

A social networking App for education that connects students and teachers may be created by the board to prepare the students in their four subject combinations. This App will definitely have an access code that may be given to you by the time you finish your JAMB registration.

The E-learning App which I think the board may create would contain topics from the four subject combinations and at the end of each topic, there would be questions so that they can use it to brace themselves.

3. The Board May Decide To Conduct A Preliminary Test For Students Before Registration

The bitter truth is that the reading culture in Nigeria today is gradually dying and this is because we still have some “Miracle Centers” in Nigeria where Students write their WAEC and NECO examination. These students don’t even bother to read because they know that they would definitely pass their examination. It is when they want to write JAMB that it will be dawn on them that they have not been reading at all.

A preliminary test can be used to screen out those who are not reading even before they register for the examination and it can be done in a way that those who pass the preliminary test will be allowed to register for JAMB. I believe this will go a long way to increase the performance of JAMB students in subsequent years to come.

4. The Board May Decide To Have The Contacts Of The Students’ Parents And Guidance

Like I will always say, our parents have a role to play in our lives as students. A question like: “John when last did you read?” will go a long way to motivate our children and instil good academic performance in them.

The board may decide to get the contact of the students’ parents or guidance so that they can be sending them messages, reminding them why they should monitor their children’s performance academically and also grade them if need be.

5. The Board May Decide To Introduce A Reading Pattern For Students

The major cause of poor performance is lack of preparation and as the saying goes, preparation is the mother of manifestation. The poor performance in this year’s UTME revealed the loopholes in the students’ preparation and introducing a compulsory reading pattern may be of help in ensuring that these students prepare adequately for their examination.

One of the most widely used and recognized reading patterns that I think the board might decide to introduce for all students is the SQ3R reading pattern, which stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite And Review. This reading pattern has been used by great scholars and it has yielded great results too.

I spoke opined about JAMB reducing the benchmark to 180 for all State and Federal Universities, do you think these Universities, especially the Federal-Owned once will reduce the cutoff mark to 180 considering the standard they have built for themselves?

Drop your questions if you have any.

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