The Best Surfing Options in Puerto Rico

Surfing is huge in Puerto Rico. A lot of guys (and girls) from the US mainland come here mainly to surf, and that’s why some people refer to Puerto Rico as the Hawaii of the Caribbean.

Here are some of the best surfing options in Puerto Rico:

1. Gas Chambers. Located on the northwest shores of the island, this is a famous surfing spot that always seems busy. This is for advanced surfers only, as the bottom is filled with rocks as well as sand.
2. Tres Palmas. Many consider this one of the best surfing spots in the entire Caribbean. This should be tried only by experienced surfers, as the waves can reach up to 25 feet high.
3. Domes. This is another busy beach with reef break waves. The bottom is sand and rock, but there are no special hazards to worry about. Still, it’s difficult enough that only the intermediate surfers will truly enjoy it. But many beginners feel that they can handle it anyway.
4. Playa Middles. This is a world-class surfing beach in Isabela, according to some, and quite a few international competitions are held here. The waves can be huge, though, so beginners may want to think twice before getting on their surfboards.
5. Bridges. Found in Aguadilla, the wave quality is superior although the water may be somewhat polluted. On weekends, the crowds can be very heavy, as many surfers consider this one of the best surfing beaches on the whole island due to the way it peels.
6. Table Top. One of the attractions here is that there are smaller crowds than in other surfing spots. The waves can reach up to 10 feet high, and they break on a rocky reef. With no hazards to speak of, beginners may like it here too.
7. Pools. This beach also has fewer people and is well suited for beginners. But you may want to look out for the rocks.
8. Sandy Beach. You can gather from the name that the bottom is sandy, so that means no rocks to worry about. This makes the beach quite popular among beginner surfers and boogie boarders. If you want to avoid the crowd, come very early in the morning.
9. Surfer’s Beach. With a name like that, it should be obvious, right? It’s packed with surfers, though, so this can be a problem. Sea urchins are a problem as well.
10. La Selva. Most surfers know that the place to go for the best waves is on the northwest side of the island. But the main exception to this rule is La Selva, which is in the northeast of Luquillo. There’s a beach nearby called La Pared, which is one of the best beaches for beginner surfers in Puerto Rico. Walk 4 kilometers from there, and it’s a hidden alcove for surfers that’s virtually empty most of the time.

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