The Best Scuba Diving In Puerto Rico

 Puerto Rico beaches are among the most popular tourist spots here and for good reason. The water looks great, and at the beach, there’s plenty of eye candy. But these sights may not compare with what you can see when you go deep underwater. Of course, it matters where you dive, so here are some of the best scuba diving options in Puerto Rico.

1. Patti’s Reef. You can find this reef near Isla de Vieques. For beginners, this is a true treasure of a dive, although, of course, even the more advanced scuba divers will appreciate it too. It’s an easy dive, and quite shallow at just 20 to 40 feet. It’s very close to the shore, and here you’ll get your fill of sponges and staghorn and elkhorn corals. There are quite a few crevices to explore and peek in, and for company, you have mackerels, lionfish, and nurse sharks.
2. Cayo Raton. This diving site in Culebra is for intermediate divers, but you can’t pass up a chance to dive here if you want to see fish. This isn’t just the most fish-filled diving site in Puerto Rico, but probably in the entire Caribbean. It’s a reef in a semi-circle; you start flat and then you go for a dive to 60 feet.
The visibility is super-clear, and you may be able to see for a hundred feet. Tiny to medium-sized marine life is plentiful. That means you can get a good look at horse-eye jacks and parrotfish, along with butterflyfish and queen angelfish. You can also inspect the sand more closely, as there may be some peacock flounders hiding in plain sight.
3. Candyland. This intermediate-level diving site is off Desecheo, which is about 14 miles west of Rincon. The sights in this dive will probably seem like some sort of surrealistic painting, and the mixture of colors will put the rainbow to shame. These colors are evident in the sponges, the lettuce corals, and the huge sea fans. Throw in the insane number of fish, and the LSD trip is complete.
4. Mona Island. Where is the best diving site in Puerto Rico? Anywhere around Mona Island will do just fine. This is the Galapagos of the Caribbean, with numerous unique animals inland. But under the water is also filled with diverse marine life and an unforgettable reef, and you really mustn’t miss this diving experience. There are lots of huge animals here, and this list includes sharks and even humpback whales. There are hard and soft corals, along with several caves to explore. The visibility is terrific, as it can reach up to 150 feet.
5. Las Cuevas. With a name that means “the caves”, you know what to expect. This is a truly rich diving site if you have the soul of an explorer, and it’s large enough that even a group of twenty people including beginners can go at the same time. You can find this site off Desecheo.
The world underwater is truly strange and magical, but with scuba gear, you can make it your own even for at least a while.
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