The Best Places to Workout in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has always been one of the favorite vacation spots of people from the mainland, and that’s not surprising. But a lot of vacationers would like to make sure they stay in shape during their holiday. So where can you go to work out in Puerto Rico? Here are some options:

• Global Fitness. This is in Dorado, Puerto Rico and it’s quite near favorite tourist hotels like Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach. It’s got rows and rows of high-end equipment, and the facility is very clean and cool. They also have Zumba classes, and you can even take the Spinning Class from one of the trainers. Local basketball stars work out here, and so does Angel Pagan of the San Francisco Giants.
• Reebok Crossfit Ironheart. Tourists who come here often leave vowing to come back, which says a lot about the place. They offer a Workout of the Day, and the staff is very warm and friendly. The place is spacious and beautiful, and the equipment is great.
• Crossfit Galaxy. Located at Cupey Bajo, San Juan, you will truly appreciate all the help you can get from the coaches here. The place also has great equipment and the ambiance is nice and col. Do the workout of the day with their trainers, and you’ll feel much better afterward!
• Aggressive Crossfit. You can find this gym in Ponce de Leon, San Juan. It’s near the Condado and Isla Verde Hotels. It boasts of being the premiere Crossfit facility in Puerto Rico, and it’s very hard to argue with that assertion once you see the place. You’ve got great coaches, and the equipment is state of the art. It’s a family business run by enthusiastic athletes who are passionate about being healthy and fit and coming in you’ll feel like one of the family.
• LIV Fitness Club. If you happen to know a member, then perhaps you can swing a guest pass. This place is uber-exclusive, and you’ll understand why once you get a peek inside. The place is nice and clean, the equipment is terrific, and the staff is pleasant. They’ve got lots of water fountains and there’s a juice bar where you can get protein drinks.
• Outdoors. Who says that the best places to work out in Puerto Rico have to be indoors? I mean, what’s the point of going to Puerto Rico in the first place if you don’t spend as much time as you can outside? You can jog in the streets and enjoy the fresh air. Ride a mountain bike on one of the many biking trails in the country. You can take a stroll to the various tourist spots in the area. You can go to the beach, and do some tai chi as you enjoy the ocean breeze with the sand between your toes and the sight of bikini-clad women and toned men in front of you. This is Puerto Rico after all so you might as well enjoy it to the fullest.

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