The Best Go Kart Racing Options in Puerto Rico

Go Kart racing is a great alternative when you’ve had your fill of the beaches and nature parks in Puerto Rico. It’s a fun experience for your kids or yourself if you’re a kid at heart. Kids love it because they can drive like mom and dad, and mom and dad love it because they can race in a convertible with the wind in their faces. Of course, to make sure you enjoy yourselves you need to find go-kart venues where the facilities are top-notch.

Here are some of the best go-kart racing opportunities in Puerto Rico:
1. Carabali Rain Forest Park.

This is invariably the first go-kart venue in Puerto Rico mentioned by aficionado, and it’s even the first entry on Google. There’s a good reason for this, and that’s because the facilities are simply superb. The go-cart track is on a thousand square feet of racing space. There are solo go-karts, but children must be at least 4 feet 6 inches tall to drive. But as a passenger on the double car go-kart, even kids as young as 3 years old can ride.
Each race session is about 9 to 10 laps around the track, and that’s maybe 5 minutes of real exhilarating fun.
2. Museo del Niño.

This is in Carolina, and it’s a great place to take the little ones. One of the main attractions is the go-kart facilities, and both kids and adults will surely have lots of fun here. It costs about $5 for 5 minutes, but you have to be 4 feet 8 inches tall to be the driver. Shorter kids can be the passengers in the two-seater go-karts, but even the passengers have to be at least 3 feet tall.
One bonus here is that they can offer to record your time around the track, so you can boast if you are the fastest.
3. La Cueva de Camuy. This is one of the more popular places to bring your kids along because it seems obvious that kids are what the builders had in mind when they created La Cueva de Camuy. Yes, there are go-karts here. But when your kids lose interest in go-karts, there’s much more to do here. They can try the pony rides. There are also pools with water slides, plus inflatable water toys.
This means that you can ride a go-kart for a few minutes, play somewhere else, and then go back for another few laps around the go-kart track. Boredom shouldn’t be a problem at all.
4. Ponce Karting Club. Since this is a karting club, most of the go-carts here are the single rider type. This is a whole-day go-kart venue, and there are lights even for nighttime go-karting. This is the perfect place for those who are passionate about go-kart racing.
So when you’re done with the water and have had enough sightseeing activities, why not go with a go-kart?

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