The 10 Best Tours of Puerto Rico

Tours are one of the best ways to enjoy the culture, cuisine, adventures, and natural wonders of Puerto Rico. Everybody knows this, which is why choosing just ten of the best tours in Puerto Rico was a bit hard. But nevertheless, here’s our list:

  1. Erin Go Bragh. It’s actually the name of the 50-foot ketch that sails from Fajardo. You get to go sightseeing on the islets and beaches, and even snorkel in coral reefs.
  2. Night Tales of San Juan. The old city is beautiful at night, and this tour gives you exclusive access to historic buildings. Old San Juan is truly exquisite at night, especially when the crowds are gone and the walled city is glowing in the romantic lamplight.
  3. Gourmet Gastro. You get to visit some restaurants in the famous foodie areas like Condado and Santurce. Hopefully you drink alcohol, since your meal will come with liquor. But here you’ll learn just what it means to be in Puerto Rico, as you sample the culinary delights the island has to offer.
  4. Casa Bacardi. Speaking of liquor, the Casa Bacardi tour takes you to a distillery of the world-famous rum. You get a free sample of Bacardi rum at the end, and that’s definitely something to look forward to.
  5. Flavors of San Juan. This is like the Night Tales tour, except you get to visit landmarks and restaurants. It’s a great way to learn about the cuisine and the history of San Juan.
  6. Ab’e Snorkeling & Bio-Bay Tours. Among the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico, most people agree that Mosquito Bay in Vieques is the most awesome. You get to visit it through the Ab’e Snorkeling & Bio-Bay Tours.
  7. YokahĂș Kayaks. You’ll get to ride on a lightweight yet reliable kayak as you visit the unspoiled natural wonders of Fajardo, including bioluminescent lagoons. Now this is a great and unique way of sightseeing! Despite the rather flimsy-looking kayaks, it’s actually quite safe as the kayaks are designed for heavy duty.
  8. Hacienda CarabalĂ­. It’s located right at the foothills of the El Yunque rainforest. Here you have three options on how to find your way around the sights. You can romp around with an ATV, pedal your way around with a mountain bike, or enjoy a more relaxed pace atop a gentle horse. The tour includes a river swim as well.
  9. Acampa. The Acampa nature tour is for the more adventurous, who don’t think that simple sightseeing is the way to go. In this tour you don’t just see. You also get to do some rappelling and caving, and do free jumps. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.
  10. Team Spirit. A great way to appreciate all that Puerto Rico has to offer is to see them from the air. The tour involves an exhilarating hang gliding session, and the view is breath taking and actually a bit more relaxing than you may think!
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