Best Ziplining in Puerto Rico

Ziplining is a great activity for adrenaline junkies, in which you slide down on a harness attached to a rope while high above the trees and the rivers. Puerto Rico is a prime spot for ziplining, since there are lots of mountainous regions inland. While it may be said that every place where you can zipline is great, here are some of the places for the best ziplining in Puerto Rico:

  1. Utuado (“Angeles” ward). The tour is run by the Batey Zipline Adventure, and it is truly an adventure. The classic tour starts with a drive to the Tanama River, where the tour officially begins. You cross a suspension bridge, and then you take a boat ride on the Tanama River which runs through a 2,000-foot-long cave. After that, you then get back to your guide’s house where you get the zipline gear.

There are six ziplines here and the shortest is about 120 feet long. The longest is an exciting 550 feet long aerial journey above the trees. The height of the ziplines ranges from just 20 feet above the ground to 70 feet above the river. After the fourth zipline, there is the rappeling part of the hike. But you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. There’s a path you can take that leads down to the bottom.

This is a half-day tour, but there is also a zipline-only tour that involves 8 zip lines and lasts for three hours.

  1. Toa Alta. Only a half-hour drive from San Juan, this is where you can join the La Plata Zipline Experience which is perfect for beginners. It starts with a short hike, and then it’s on to the ziplines. There are three zip lines here, and there’s a rope bridge as well. But the first zipline is quite a rush, as it spans almost 800 feet long. After the two other ziplines, you cross the rope suspension bridge and then you end with a hike and an optional 60-foot rappel down to the river gorge.
  2. Orocovis. This is where you’ll find the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Zipline Park. Here you go through 8 zip lines, where you will really feel as if you’re flying through the air. The shortest zipline is already 800 feet long. As for the longest zipline, it’s 2526 feet long. That’s almost half a mile! What’s more, the view is absolutely exhilarating, as you are suspended 600 feet off the ground. It’s also completely safe, as there is a breakings system at the end of the line. You won’t be crashing into the platform at the other end of the line.

Now that’s just the Canopy Tour. There is also another zipline called The Beast, and it’s really unique. Here, you are tied to a large harness, and your position is like Superman flying through the air. This is the only zipline of its kind in Puerto Rico. It is also one of the longest ziplines in the whole world. It is 4745 feet long. Your “flight” through the air lasts for two whole minutes. Imagine the speed at which you will be traveling!

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