Best Bike Trails in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is undoubtedly beautiful, and one of the best ways to take in all that spectacular sights is to cruise on a bike. It gets you from place to place quickly, and yet unlike in a car you can take in the cool breeze and get some exercise besides. But to make the most out of this adventure, you have to find the best bike trails though that’s not a problem at all. Here are our top picks for the best bike trails in Puerto Rico:

The Piñones Boardwalk, Loiza. It runs parallel to PR-187, and the boardwalk allows you to cross lots of beaches and mangroves as well as visit numerous restaurants and kiosks. A bike ride here can give you a tour of many different ecosystems. The insects may be a problem for pedestrians, but for bikers, this shouldn’t be a problem.

El Merendero de Guajataca, Quebradillas. This is a recreational park where there are plenty of bathrooms and spacious parking lots. But that’s not the real reason you should come here. What’s great are the many different bike trails with nature as your background, which end at different gazebos. You’ll also get a breathtaking view of the Guajataca beach and “El Túnel”.

Paseo Lineal Juan Antonio Corretjer, Ciales. Cyclists will have a grand time in Paseo Lineal Juan Antonio Corretjer, along with sightseers in general. The bike trail offers a grand view of the Rio Grande de Manati.

Balneario El Escambrón, San Juan. Since Puerto Rico has so many beautiful beaches, why not bike on one? Escambrón Beach is in the Blue Flag category which means that they offer high-quality amenities complete with lifeguards, toilets, and water. The beach also connects to Luis Muñoz Rivera Park and Tercer Milenio Park.

Paseo Lineal Bayamón River, Bayamón. There is a road reserved for cyclists here, and a road for joggers and hikers as well. The bike trail goes for 6 miles through wondrous terrain. Astonishingly, you can access the trail for free.

Ruta de los Pinchos en Salinas. For more serious mountain bikers, this trail can be exhilarating. It runs for almost 4 miles, and along the way, you’ll encounter single tracks, hills that are not all that difficult to climb, and steep downhill slopes that will surely raise your pulse.

Aguadilla – Playa Jobos. For those who crave longer bike rides, the 18.3-mile trail of Aguadilla should suffice. There are plenty of great stops along the way, where you can just rest and sample some local cuisine while you take in all the pretty sights.

Karate Kid from Playa Punta Ventana. This bike trail is not for the faint of heart, and neither is it for amateurs. The trail is only 4.8 miles long, but the terrain can be treacherous. There are some pretty steep parts, and in some areas, it can be very rocky. You may need to do some bushwhacking at some point. For the true adrenalin junkies, part of the trail includes riding just beside a sea cliff!

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