Follow These Tips For an Undisturbed Sleep While Traveling

Often the trouble that travelers have to deal with while traveling is the noticeable lack of sleep. A jammed hostel dorm room, endless invitations to party every night, or probably the urge to discover as many places as you can with the bounded time that you have managed to get hold of, are some of the elements that add up to not having enough rest. Of course, you can always have time to relax and have some fun but always be aware to get enough sleep. Do not forget that one of the reasons why you head out for a getaway is to unwind and enjoy yourself and not to feel spent all the time. Worse is going back home with a sleeping disorder and more.

Elements that create stress while globetrotting includes missing your stop, not knowing where to go in a new spot, endlessly waiting for delayed flights, losing your luggage, etc. Don’t let having problems sleeping be a part of it! Be in control! Try these tips that could help you catch some z’s.

1. Clear your nose.

Flying can give you some degree of sinus or ear irritation if you often go through nasal congestion probably because of colds and allergies which can also affect your sleeping schedule all night when these tend to obstruct nasal breathing passageways. Prevent nose, ear, or sinus problems by opening up these passageways by using a lot of nasal saline acting as a mild decongestant that you definitely can prepare yourself or by heading out to the pharmacy to have nasal sprays or decongestant pills.

2. Fight the urge to eat before hitting the sack.

Even if this can be a familiar habit whether you’re on a trip or just spending time at your place, this could surely ruin your intention to sleep nicely. Besides putting on more weight on you, when your stomach is full and you are down, some of the stomach acids or juices regurgitate into your throat and cause inflammation and irritation. This will ruin your rest and diminish the chances of having a good night’s sleep. It is recommended to eat your grub 3-4 hours before you drop in your bed.

3. Binge drinking before bedtime is a no-no.

Many people will at once think that binge drinking would aid them to have a better rest as it conks them out but consequently, you don’t get to sleep early. It is noteworthy to know that it weakens throat muscles then when you sleep on your back, the collapse of your tongue would pull it backward covering your airway passageways. This would strip your brain of oxygen. Oftentimes, when your body becomes too limp to move a muscle, you can fall flat on your face and the air that comes in would be blocked and cause you to stop breathing. Isn’t that scary enough? This is not to discourage you to have fun on an occasional pub crawling; just see to it that you know your limits and have time for everything.

4. Start the habit of sleeping early.

It may be hard, yes. Especially for confessed insomniacs or if you’re just tempted to stay up late and make the most out of while on a trip as it doesn’t happen every day. But you must keep in mind that having your meals on time and calling it a day before midnight permit you to have a normal sleep duration that your frail body requires. Do not extremely change and confound your body clock by going to bed late and jolting up from sleep much later the next day. It will be hard to return to your normal sleeping pattern especially when you shift through changing time zones.

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