What Movie Snacks Are Diet Appropriate?

Action, adventure, romance, and horror can all be experienced from the safety of your local movie theater. There is nothing more exciting than a night at the movies. Maybe you’re heading out with your significant other or a group of your closet pals. Whatever the occasion, it can be a challenge to ignore the lure of the concession stand. In a perfect world, we would watch our movie snack free…but this isn’t always possible. If you’re going to splurge at the movies, try to make the best choices available to you. Yes, some treats are better than others. Here are some diet-appropriate movie snacks:


To start off this list, let’s take a look at drink options. That super-sized slushie may look appealing, but it will set you back more calories than you’d like to know! The absolute best drink option at the concession stand is of course, water. It’s easy to overlook bottled water with all of those fountain drinks staring you in the face. Water is great, though, because it can quench your thirst without adding to your daily calories. If you want something a little different, ask for unsweetened iced tea or low-calorie vitamin water instead.

Salty Snacks: Plain Popcorn

Movies and popcorn go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just works! Sadly, many theatres load popcorn up with salt and butter – which will you make you super thirsty, causing you to buy another beverage. Popcorn on its own is healthy, though. If you want to enjoy this movie theatre must-have, order the smallest size possible, don’t add butter, and don’t toss on any extra toppings. Share it with a friend or family member so you won’t be tempted to overindulge.

Sweet Snacks: Licorice

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, forget about those ultra-sugary gummies. Try some red or black (black is preferable) licorice. It is a far better alternative than the other candies being sold at the movies! A serving of red licorice has 160 calories for every four pieces. Since they tend to be rather filling, you won’t need more than that! Split a bag with your movie companions and enjoy your movie without worrying about the state of your diet.

Chocolate Snacks: Chocolate Covered Raisins

It is still possible to enjoy a little chocolate without totally blowing your calories for the day. How? Ditch those unhealthy M&Ms for a somewhat healthier option. Chocolate-covered raisins give you the chocolate you crave without quite so much added sugar. With 380 calories per serving, you’ll still want to be careful not to go overboard…but it is a much better option. And hey, they still taste great!

Going to the movies should always be fun. It is an escape from reality and a way to blow off steam. So, you don’t want to spend your time worrying about your diet! To avoid the issue, do your best to make healthier choices wherever you can. Also, be as aware of serving sizes as possible. Think before you buy…it will make your next movie experience even better.

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