I don’t do this very often, but every once in a while I’m going to rant and rave about a particular topic. I’ve decided to call the series “You’re Doing It Wrong” because it usually involves people acting a fool. I don’t like to get after people for slipping up or making mistakes because like I’ve mentioned before we’re all going to trip up from time to time. That being said, every once in a while we need examples of how not to do things.

Today’s example comes from my personal blog NoMoreBacon. On Monday I wrote a post entitled Do You Believe In Miracles? It was all about my struggle with an illness I’ve been fighting for months and how the outcome ended up being much better than I initially expected. It was definitely a feel good type of post and warm wishes and kind thoughts poured out from the community. It was pretty sweet.

Then I got this comment. It was this particular person’s first time commenting on my blog. The comment said the following:

Ryan, this may have come up in your research but I really think you should try Crossfit. I have seen a lot of people in your exact position and they reach a point of dimishing returns where even the best program starts to not work anymore. Once you hit that wall please check out your local Crossfit affiliate. With a steady program of Crossfit and running coupled with a more Paleo (less zone) try diet you will not only reach 225 but be able to have measurable performance goals as well. Just my 2 cents, keep up the good work!

Did he say anything offensive?


Did he say anything derogatory?


Was he being a hater?


Did I dislike his comment because I didn’t want to hear about how I haven’t lost weight in 5 months?

That wasn’t it at all either.

His comment ticked me off because he was so blinded by his own agenda that he didn’t even take the time to read the post he was commenting on. At first I thought it was spam, but he put a link back to his site (I’ve since removed it) and I’ve seen him comment on other blogs in the community as well.

Here’s my deal. I’m a rational person. I really am.

But the fact that you’re sitting behind a keyboard doesn’t give you a pass for not being a freaking human!

Andy, I understand that you love CrossFit. I’m sure it’s a great program. I also understand that you’re a business man and you’re trying to increase exposure for your brand.  I’m a business man too and I get that you want to get your name out there.

What I don’t understand is how you leave a comment like that on my post. Did I mention I was frustrated with my current weight loss program? Have I said anything of the sort in the last six months? If I have it’s been in reference to my inability to workout because of health issues. It’s never been because I’ve been doing everything I can and can’t seem to shed the weight. Your comment just really had no bearing whatsoever.

I point all this out because more than anything I think we need to learn from Andy.

How did he screw up and how can we keep it from happening to us?

  1. As far as I could tell he was using his comment to generate a link and that’s about it.
  2. His first ever comment was used to promote his company. And I wouldn’t have had a problem with that either if it had been relevant to the conversation in any way. If I had said I needed to switch up my workouts and he said “Hey Ryan, I have just the solution for you!” it would have been a totally different story.
  3. He forgot how to be human. Sure he was cordial, but could you imagine that conversation going down in real life?
    Ryan: “So Andy, I’ve been dealing with this sickness for quite a while and I finally think I’m out of the woods! It’s so exciting!”
    Andy: “I know how you could really start shedding those pounds!”
    Ryan: “Huh?”

Ultimately it boils down to being authentic and using the internet to bridge gaps that we physically can’t. We can’t reach out to thousands of people in a day going door to door, so we use blogs and Twitter and Facebook and anything else we can to make that happen. As a result we might have to at least act like we care every once in a while or we’re going to leave a sour taste in people’s mouths. I’ve got the lemon flavored warhead pucker face right now just from thinking about it.

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