If you’ve been around the blog scene for very long it’s probably happened to you at least once or twice. You leave a comment on a blog, hit submit, and boom, your comment is gone. Usually, you’ve left 10 or 15 comments before you realize it’s happening and all that time you took to share thoughts just went right out the window.

Where are your comments going? Is there a Bermuda Triangle of blog comments?

Likely what’s happening is that your comments are being marked as spam. You’ve been thrown into the same circle as that little blue pill and swamp front real estate.

Lucky for you, getting your name and email off the naughty list isn’t all that difficult.


You can be recognized as spam for several different reasons. Here’s a shortlist of some of the most common:

  • You use multiple links in your blog comment
  • You use an invalid email while commenting
  • The URL for the site you put in the comment form is a known spam site
  • Your ISP has known spam issues

The problem is that once you’re recognized as spam in one place, chances are you’re going to be blacklisted on several WordPress sites. The reason is that Akismet is widely used among bloggers as a spam filter, and once your email address is in their database as a spammer, they block you on every site that uses the Akismet spam filter. You get kicked to the commenting curb in a hurry once you’ve been tagged.


  1. The first thing you should do is contact the blogs where you know you’ve left comments that have disappeared. Ask them to check their spam folders and release your comment should they find it.
  2. Contact Akismet Support and tell them your comments are being caught by mistake (as shown below).
    Interesting Fact: Notice the math problem in the contact form? They use that as spam protection because if they used their own spam filter then the messages of people who had been marked as spam elsewhere would never get through to support. Funny eh?
  3. If you go through those steps and you’re still not having any luck, you can do a quick blacklist check of your IP address to ensure that your ISP doesn’t have a history of spam issues. To do a blocklist check just go to http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check and click the “blocklist check” button. It will do a scan of different servers worldwide. As long as you get a lot of green checkmarks as a result of the scan, then you’re good to comment again. If some of the spam authorities do show your ISP has been blacklisted for whatever reason, you’ll have to work with your ISP to get back in good standing.

Use these tips to ensure your next epiphany or sarcastic remark is recorded on your favorite blog. As always, leave any questions in the comments, and if you found them helpful, share them with your friends!

Also, look for a follow-up post in the next week or so on how to rid your WordPress blog of annoying spam.

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