How many times have you looked at one of the “big” blogs and thought to yourself, “I could write circles around them.” or “Their ideas aren’t progressive or new or original at all.” “How are they so popular?”

I see a huge number of blogs from day to day and the harsh reality is that the the blogs with the best content aren’t always the ones that rise to the top. Clearly good content is essential to growing your blog but it won’t automatically get you on the bullet train to blog bliss.

So how do you earn respect in the blogging community? Is there a 12 step program or is it as simple as some get lucky and some don’t?

Jon Morrow of and CopyBlogger suggests the following:

The people who they remember and respect are the ones where they look at what they did and say, “I could never do that.” They believe that, even if they worked at it for years, they would never be capable of producing something as great as what you did.

Take a blog like MizFitOnline for example. She made a decision to get healthy over 16 years ago and has been in great physical shape ever since. In that time she has raised a child, started a successful personal training studio, traveled the world, published a book, and much more. People read her blog and think “I could never do that (even though she would be the first one to assure readers that they can).” The end result is a readership that hangs on to her every word. People in the community respect her and because of that, she has a successful blog. Up is the only direction for a blog like hers.

What can you do that nobody else can?

Do you have a strange hobby, an interesting life story, or an accomplishment that you can tell the world about?

In this niche specifically, we see the bloggers who have amazing body transformations rise to the top extremely fast. Bloggers who complete a marathon or a triathlon see their comment numbers soar along with their traffic. Kitchen wizards pull huge numbers and their websites quickly become resources for when that “what healthy dinner can I make for family tonight” question comes along.

And it’s all because people look at the accomplishments or skills and think “I could never do that.”

The good news is that most people have something they can share with the world that is unique and exceptional.

My most successful posts ever at NoMoreBacon were when I posted some jaw-dropping body transformation photos and just recently when I told readers about my near-death experience in 2006. I remember my utter shock when I saw my body transformation post get retweeted over 100 times! It was on the verge of going viral. The near-death experience post did well because I had a story to share that no one else could share. It was mine and mine alone.

Speaking of viral I’m sure you’ve all seen a video that was posted last week by a guy who lost a bunch of weight AND has an Ironman Triathlon under his belt. As optimistic a person as I am, I watched the video and thought “Man, I don’t know if I could ever do that.” He immediately grabbed my attention. He also grabbed the attention of about half a million other people in a matter of 9 days. Not bad huh? 

What sets you apart? What can you do that no one else can?

I see so many bloggers trying to fit a mold and it frustrates me. Just because that’s how Debbie became successful doesn’t mean that’s how you are going to become successful. In fact, most people will look at what you’re doing and say “Debbie already does that.” (Note: This was referring to no Debbie in particular. Even if your name is Debbie, this isn’t about you).

Keep in mind that it may not be THAT you lost 80 pounds, it may be HOW you lost 80 pounds. How was your approach different?

Get creative and don’t be afraid to promote yourself.

Do something that makes people think “I could never do that” and you’ll quickly find yourself getting all the respect you can handle as a person and as a blogger.

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