If any of you are like me the time you spend blogging could easily be described as ludicrous and excessive. We all want to create good content and share our stories, but frequently real-life sucks our time (how selfish of it right?), and even thinking about getting tomorrow’s post up can be overwhelming.

Here at Setup.com.ng, we’re all about streamlining and simplifying. In today’s post, I’d like to personally thank Al Gore for creating the internet and Steve Jobs for creating the iPhone because these two things working together are going to be the secret to saving your very valuable time. Here’s a list of 5 apps that I’ve been using to blog that have literally saved me anywhere from 15-30 minutes per day. Let’s take a look!


Do you have trouble keeping your files organized and all in one place? I know that I do. Well, at least I did.

Dropbox is an amazing online storage tool that keeps all of your files in the same place in “the cloud” no matter where you are in the world. It’s awesome because you don’t have to worry about flash drives or files being on another computer. How many times have you taken a sweet photo with your iPhone and then had to email it to yourself, save it to your computer, and then upload it from there? With Dropbox, you just save your files within the app and it automatically syncs the files for you to access them anywhere in the world. You can access them from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. It all happens automatically and has a great user interface to boot (read: it’s really simple to use. If I ever speak too much geek, you can cuss me out). It’s magical like Lucky Charms. Oh, and it’s FREE! You can download the mobile version or search for “dropbox” in your mobile marketplace.

Note: This app is also available for Blackberry, Android Mobile, iPad, and the desktop application runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. It’s the definition of multi-platform.


Photoshop Express is an iPhone app that has actually been around for a little while now but it’s an amazing tool for bloggers who just want to give photos a quick retouch or add a fun border or effect. This app isn’t designed for batch resizing your photos (we’ll talk about some great tools for that in a future post) but it is a great tool to add a little bit of life to photos that may otherwise be um… boring less than exciting.

Here’s an example of a super quick photo edit I did (less than 60 seconds) that shows how powerful this little app is. I just took this ordinary photo of my lunch and made it look that much more appealing. Note: It might be a little difficult to see but the 2nd photo also has a nice clean border. Click images for full-size previews.

Making the same adjustments in desktop photoshop would take at least the same amount of time and would require saving multiple different files and would also make you actually sit at a computer instead of making some quick adjustments while you actually eat your sandwich. I found this YouTube video

that has a pretty extensive overview of all the app’s features. The PS Express iPhone app also lets you post directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. This is also a FREE app that is available in the iTunes store (opens iTunes) and is also available for iPad. Remember though, take the photos first, then eat. This is crucial.


Pingdom is a set it and forget it app. Those are definitely my favorite kind. Pingdom monitors your site and sends you an email if it ever goes offline. This saves you time because you can immediately start working with your WebHost to get it back online as soon as it goes down. The longer your site is down the higher the chance that you’ll miss out on a new reader or even some ad revenue. It also helps you to be proactive. You know when your site goes down so you can immediately act on resolving the problem. It makes no sense to worry about whether your site is up and running or not. Let someone else do the monitoring for you and you can rest easy. Pingdom is currently only available for the iPhone and is a free app available for download.

Quick Tip: Don’t use an email address with your own domain (eg. ryan@fitbloggers.com) to receive your email notifications. Chances are if your site goes down your email will be down as well. Use a Gmail or Yahoo address to receive your “site down” notifications.


Reeder is your pocket-sized Google Reader. This is probably my favorite app next to dropbox. It lets me get all my reading done on the go. It syncs automatically with your Google Reader so that all of the blogs you subscribe to immediately move to your phone. When you read a post on your mobile phone it is automatically marked as read on your Google Reader on your Mac or PC and vice versa. This app saves me so much time because I can read my favorite posts wherever I am quickly and easily. It also provides a way to quickly share the things that you like, mark them as a favorite, or save them to read later. It truly is every blog reader's best friend. It’s available for iPhones, iPad, and Mac, and costs $2.99. I’m not a big fan of paying for apps when I don’t have to but this one is definitely a great value. 


If you plan to make blogging into a business the harsh reality is that you’re going to have to keep track of the money you spend on building your blog. If you’re anything like me, and I really hope you aren’t in this regard, keeping track of expenses is not an easy thing to do. If I don’t write it down at the exact moment it happens I will forget for good. Expense Tracker is a cool little app that gives you the ability to quickly jot down any purchases that you make on or offline. You can create graphs for the data and even export them to use in your financial tracking software. I use it all the time and I’m just waiting for it to know when I use my credit card so it can record the transaction for me. That shouldn’t be too far down the road, right? Expense tracker is also an iPhone app, costs $2.99, and can be downloaded.

That wraps up our list of 5 iPhone apps guaranteed to save you time blogging. Hit us up with comments about any of the apps (I use them all) and I’ll do my best to help out. Also, if you have your favorite app that you MUST let the world know about, share it in the comments. Let’s make a nice long list.

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