Can a Red Wine Diet Aid in Weight Loss?

A University in England may have discovered why a red wine diet can potentially help dieters lose weight. A professor at an English university discovered that a substance called resveratrol could help individuals lose weight. Resveratrol is said to boost a gene that influences longevity, and a red wine diet may provide some small level of resveratrol.

What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is found in high levels in red wine. However, the amount of resveratrol in red wine is not high enough for weight loss to come alone through drinking red wine. Essentially, you would have to drink an extremely high amount of red wine each day to get enough of the beneficial resveratrol. A “red wine diet” consisting of a safe amount of wine per day would probably not provide dieters with enough resveratrol for it to make a sufficient difference in weight loss.

Individuals in European countries, including France, drink red wine daily. Researchers now believe that perhaps the fact that French people are relatively healthy even though they have a diet high in fat is explained by resveratrol in the red wine that they drink. Europeans have a red wine diet in the sense that they consume a glass of wine regularly with their dinner.

It's Not an Excuse For Overindulgence

The research certainly does not suggest everyone should go out and drink an abundance of red wine. The research is helpful because isolating a beneficial ingredient such as resveratrol can help scientists develop beneficial supplements. A supplement made from resveratrol has the potential to be a promising weight loss aid for dieters, particularly those individuals who have a lot of difficulties losing weight. Regardless of whatever supplements are developed, it is unlikely that the French and other Europeans will give up their red wine diet because a daily glass of wine is an important part of their culture.

It's Not a Magic Cure

There is no magic weight loss cure as of yet, but there are some things that can assist dieters with their weight loss goals. If you want to enjoy a glass of red wine at dinner, you may receive some small benefit from the resveratrol in it. As always, you should avoid drinking any alcohol including wine if you are taking prescription medications, any over-the-counter medications, or antibiotics. Save a red wine diet for when you are not taking any medications.

Eat sensibly. Don’t overindulge. Eat to the point of being satisfied not to the point of being uncomfortable, and if you find a red wine diet motivates you with your weight loss goals then enjoy the added bit of help it provides.

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