Travel is fun. However, travel is definitely a pain in the rear as well. There is no foreseeable way to be able to visit the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben without either taking a plane or riding a bus. Although these long trips are tiresome, there are a few tricks to mitigate the frustration and keep the temper in check.

To begin, you would need to get everything ready before leaving your own country. Make sure to book directly with the hotel or through a reputable travel provider. You don't want to arrive in a foreign place and discover that you have nowhere to stay for the night. This is simply to alleviate any inconvenience that may arise. It's also a good idea to confirm your reservation with the hotel so that they don't give your room away.

Traveling light is also another must for travel. Yes that’s right- a MUST. Travelling light ensures that you can get from point A to point B a lot easier. Moreover, if you accumulate treasures during your adventures, you got some extra space and muscle left to carry them. You should also never travel with your valuables. Leave all your important stuff at home- all your jewelry, cards, your favorite movie posters and important documents. It would be better to have 2 or 3 cards- one proper card that you use, a supplementary and a special low limit card that you use for travels.

This way, if you manage to get it lost or stolen, you won't lose too much if the bank doesn't cover the loss. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your belongings. Keep in mind that you are there to gather valuables, not to bring them. This implies you should carry only plain outfits and maybe a handful of gorgeous ones for special occasions. Furthermore, even if your bags were to be lost at the airport, you would not suffer a significant financial loss. Remember that there is always a risk when traveling; take all efforts to reduce this risk and estimate how much you would lose if you lost your goods. Even if you are visiting a generally safe country, danger lurks around every corner.

To prepare yourself for travel, you can do one of two things- get a good rest before you travel or drain yourself out so that you can sleep easier on the bus or plane instead of doing absolutely nothing at all. It would be better to also empty your bowels before a trip- going to the bathroom is very important, especially for ladies and those of you that don’t have a penchant for public toilets.

Dress comfortably. Try and wear something that you are somewhat confident that you can sleep in even while relatively upright. Keep your most important things with you on your person at all times and lock everything that you have. You should be fine if you remember to be cautious and street wise.