Now that the summer months are here, a great fun activity for kids is to plan and operate a lemonade stand in the front yard. This is a traditional kids’ activity and the idea is to sell cups of lemonade to passers-by for a small fee.

Running a lemonade stand is a great project for kids because it teaches independence and self-reliance as well as keeping you busy over summer break.

Of course, to run a lemonade stand, you need a supply of lemonade. This can be obtained in powdered form from the supermarket, or the traditional (and best) way is to squeeze lemons and mix with sugar and iced water.

But before you start on making the lemonade, you need to plan out how the lemonade stand will work and everything you need for it. First of all, decide on a price to sell the drinks. Remember that if you intend to make a bit of money on this enterprise there is no point in selling lemonade at a loss. You must work out the cost of the lemons and the sugar, and then price the cups of finished lemonade accordingly.

You will also need a table, at least one large jug, and a supply of plastic or paper cups. Using glasses is inadvisable due to the risk of breakages. One more thing you should do is to make a large sign, advertising the lemonade stand to people on the street passing by. You can affix this to your table.

Having purchased your supply of lemons, sugar and cups, you should make sure to check the weather forecast the night before the day of your planned lemonade stand. There is no point selling lemonade on a rainy day! The next morning you can make up your lemonade by squeezing the juice from the lemons into a large jug, adding sugar and water, plus ice. Mix the lemonade up until you get the ratio of ingredients right for that perfect tasting old fashioned lemonade. Now your lemonade stand is ready to go!