Cottage cheese
 is thought to be very difficult and requiring special equipment for its preparation. In the past, this process was done to store surplus milk since there were no refrigerators or freezers to store the milk for a long period of time. This cottage cheese was and is still used in many of the dishes as it readily absorbs the flavor of the dish and also endows the creamy texture and taste to the food it has been added to.

If you don’t know how to make cottage cheese, then read the procedure in the upcoming lines carefully. You will surely find it very easy to do at your home. The procedure is as follows:

  • Take the following ingredients:
    • A liter or slightly more of  milk (preferably pasteurized)
    • Vinegar or lemon juice-Three quarters of a cup;
    • Almost half cup of the cream
  • Take a clean saucepan and pour the milk into it;
  • Heat the milk slowly to 50oC. Some people prefer to boil but we don’t recommend it;
  • Switch the heat off and allow for a small cooling;
  • Keep on stirring the milk. It is recommended to perform the stirring with a wooden spoon.
  • The process of stirring must be carried on unless the milk curdles down. You should provide low heat during this process.
  • When you see that the yellow shaded whey has been separated from the curdled part, you must remove the heat.
  • It is time to filter the curdled part from the whey. You can  use a tea strainer or just a muslin cloth for parting.
  • When you have placed the mixture on muslin cloth or the tea filter, hold it under running cold water for some time.
  • Now press out the curd to remove excessive water that has been absorbed.
  • Allow the muslin cloth to stay in the air in order to allow all of the liquid within the curd to drain out.
  • When it is dried, you can add some cream to it. This will give an awesome taste to the cheese.

The cheese obtained from the procedure described above is slightly different in its appearance from that available commercially. If you don’t know how to make cottage cheese, then you’ll definitely have to purchase the cheese from bakeries or shopping malls. You will find that the cheese available in bakeries is very delicate in its appearance whereas the one you will obtain from the above mentioned method will look granular and slightly harder. Also it is irregular in shape.

Both of the above things can also be obtained in home-made cottage cheese. In order to improve the consistency, you may add some cream.  In order to get the desired shape, you can place the prepared cottage cheese under something heavy. After a certain time, you will see that your cheese has now become delicate in appearance.  You will also be able to cut it into small squares, globs, circles or any shape you want.