It is important as part of children’s development as human beings for them to be able to make good friends, so as a parent you should do all you can to help this process. Here are a few suggestions that could help in this area.

When children start attending school for the first time, some of them will make friends easily, while the more shy ones may have trouble. There are ways for you to help with this but you have to develop the habit of speaking with your child about their experiences at school, since you were not there yourself with them in the classroom or playground. Get into the pattern in the evening of discussing the events of the school day. After a while you should start to hear certain names mentioned of other children whom your son or daughter likes and has become somewhat friendly with.

When you collect your child from school try to make the acquaintance of the parents of the children whom your own child seems to get on well with. After a while you can suggest inviting your son or daughter’s friend back to your home to play. This will hopefully cement the children’s friendship and before you know it they will have become fast friends. Don’t interfere too much in their activities but just let them get on with it. Left to their own devices, children tend to find things to play together. But if at any point they seem to have run out of play ideas, you could suggest specific games to help things along. You should also provide food and drink when they need a break.

Another good strategy is to organise a birthday party for your child and to invite as many other children as your son or daughter would like to come. Children love to attend birthday parties so most parents will be happy for their kids to go to the party even if you don’t know those parents very well. It works both ways, of course, so you should always encourage your child to go to birthday parties they have been invited to, even if their shyness makes them reluctant at first.