There are different methods to prepare asparagus such as steaming, steam grilling or simply grilling. In this essay, you will find the easiest method to get the asparagus grilled.

Before we proceed with telling you about how to grill asparagus, make sure that you have arranged all of the things necessary to make it. You will have to collect a sufficient number of the spears of asparagus, a total of ten to fifteen with a weight of 500 grams will be sufficient to serve three to five people, depending on the size of spears.

For grilling purposes, you can use butter or oil, preferably olive oil. Salt and pepper are obviously required as well. For better flavor, other spices can also be used.

When you have assembled these things, the next step is to follow the guidelines starting below:

  • Wash the asparagus;
  • Cut the spears suitably. Remove the white bottom of all the spears which are harder than the remaining part.
  • For grilling purposes, select the asparagus spears with thicker spears.
  • The fat required for grilling can either be butter, olive oil or both.
  • Add the pepper and salt plus the spices for adding flavor.
  • The spices that can be added to this particular type of grilling can be either garlic salt or any other that meets your taste.
  • When both-the asparagus spears and seasoning mixture are ready apply the seasoning to the spears.
  • Allow the spears to stand for some time so as to absorb the maximum flavor.
  • Warm up the grill and place the asparagus spears on it one by one using a tong.
  • To prevent spears from falling off the grill, stack them in a "criss-cross" pattern.
  • Place the spears vertical to the grills to meet the above arrangement.
  • If you don’t put them properly on the grill, they may fall off.
  • Make sure that the spears are not in an area where there is direct flame.
  • Grill them for about three to five minutes to achieve maximum cooking.
  • When ready, take them off the heat and cool them down to the temperature to allow you eat them easily.

The taste of asparagus depends on the spears selected for this purpose. No matter how deep is your knowledge for how to grill asparagus, the selection of asparagus spears always matters. Take those stalks that look firm and dark in color (green). Prior to seasoning, also remove the outer skin of spear. This will allow maximum absorption of the flavors and spices.