If you ever move into an apartment previously occupied by a heavy smoker you will soon become aware of the foul odor left behind by that previous tenant. Cigarette smoke is notorious for permeating fabrics and upholstery so that the odors can persist for years. This is extremely annoying, not to mention repellent, but the good news is that it is possible to eliminate these unpleasant smells. However, this will not be accomplished overnight.

When a cigarette smoke smell persists in an apartment or condo, it is usually because the smoke has become impregnated into soft fabrics and furnishings. So, to begin with, you should launder any curtains and drapes thoroughly.

Carpets and rugs are the next things to be concerned about. Vacuuming will not be enough. You must shampoo all carpets and rugs and scrub down any hard flooring surfaces.

Baking soda is a useful weapon against foul tobacco smoke odors. You should sprinkle some of it onto rugs, couches, and
armchairs. Leave it overnight and it will do a good job of absorbing odors.

Another good method of ridding an apartment or condo of smoke odors is to pour white distilled vinegar into a glass bowl and leave it to stand. One such bowl of vinegar should be placed in each room overnight. The next day you will be amazed at the extent to which this method can absorb and banish odors. Another substance that acts in a similar way, by absorbing the bad smells, is cat litter. This is of course a product designed with a similar effect in mind in its everyday use.

The above methods should go a long way towards getting rid of problematic tobacco smoke odors. With regard to the walls of the apartment, these should be washed down in an attempt to remove both odors and any discoloration due to exposure to smoke. If this method is not completely effective, you may be forced to repaint the walls throughout the apartment.