One of the most common questions asked by many especially during thanksgiving is, “How to cook a turkey?” There are so many different ways you can cook a turkey! You can roast it, stuff it, bake it and even deep fry it. But the most traditional way of cooking a turkey is to stuff it.

What everyone wants when it comes to cooking a turkey is for it to look nice and have that perfect golden brown colour, for it to feel soft and moist, juicy with all the right spices and the aroma of the different spices to fill the air as you take in every bite!

If you are looking for help on how to cook a turkey here are a few quick, easy tips that you can follow to make your thanksgiving dinner a most memorable one!

The most important point that you have to take care of is thawing your turkey! If you need to know how to cook a turkey you need to learn how to thaw it. You should never ever thaw a turkey in a room temperature. You can use the refrigerator method, where you let it sit in there till it gets defrosted completely.

The second method that you can use is called the cold water method. In this method you put the turkey in a large container and cover it fully with water and change the water every hour till it gets completely defrosted.

The next most important step is the cleaning of the turkey. To start with make sure you remove the plastic carefully, next remove the neck and the other giblets form the body cavity of the turkey. Then make sure that you rinse the turkey nicely with cold water and use dry towels to pat it dry.

Once all that is done, rub the turkey with butter all over inside and out to give it that extra flavour and crisp when roasted. The next and most important part is to get the correct temperature on your oven.  Lower the temperature longer it cooks. The time of cooking depends on the weight of the turkey.

The most common way is to set the temperature to 325 degrees for three and half hours for a whole 12 lbs stuffed turkey. Ideally cook till your meat thermometer shows 180 degrees. There are several other ways but these basic tips will get you started on to cooking that perfect turkey!