In the summer time there is nothing to compare with having your friends round for home cooked hamburgers in the backyard. Kicking back with a hamburger and a beer is what summer is all about, but what puts a dampener on things is when the burgers are poor. Sure, you can pile on the mayonnaise or mustard but ideally the burger should stand on its own merits, without the need for excessive garnish.

The number one mistake that many people make when cooking hamburgers is to use the wrong kind of meat. In this health conscious age, many folk assume that lean cuts are the way to go, but this is not always so. To be sure, you should eat healthy whenever you can, but every once in a while you can indulge your taste buds. It is a proven fact that fattier meat is more flavorsome in a burger, so this is the type of meat you should go for, unless you plan on disappointing your guests.

Another essential for that perfect hamburger is to use good quality buns. You may be tempted to save money by using dirt cheap buns, but these are often limp to the touch and comparatively tasteless. Your guests will appreciate higher quality buns, which means the evening will go with a swing. Saving a few dollars on burger buns makes no sense at all.

One way of adding zest to your burgers is to season them with something tasty before cooking. An excellent method is to soak the patties in a good onion soup before grilling. This will definitely add a punch to that burger taste.

When it’s time to get cooking, it is advisable to use charcoal rather than gas as your fuel. Gas gets the job done well enough, but adds nothing to the flavor, whereas the charcoal smoke actually adds a little something to the taste of the cooked meat.

The cooking process is simple enough: just keep that meat turning, and never allow it to get burned. Make sure it is cooked through, but not overcooked, and then serve promptly while the meat is still piping hot.