is one of those approaches that can make chicken taste more luscious. Grilling provides an awesome flavor to the chicken and always makes the picnics more memorable. However, since barbecuing on picnics is not a regular thing, so one can’t be trained well enough to grill the chicken perfectly. The majority of inexperienced people roast their chicken, which not only wastes money but also turns the celebration into an uncomfortable and inconvenient event.

The problem of burning chicken can be avoided, even by those who don’t know using gas grills, how to cook chicken on a gas grill Temperature control by electronic devices and thermometers makes the system more reliable. In the end, your chicken will be cooked properly even if you’re not an experienced griller.

No matter  what type of grilling setup you have, the grilling process requires some experience. Many people are seen who get the chicken char the chicken when using the gas grills too. These problems can be alleviated if a standard procedure is followed while cooking the chicken by these processes.

Here are some of the procedures that must be adopted in a sequence:

  • Cut the chicken in a manner that is suitable to grill;
  • Now you have to clean the meat. For this remove all the excessive flesh, veins and waste of the chicken.
  • After the above step, you have to apply seasoning to the chicken. This mixture of spices will make the chicken more appetizing.
  • The spices and salt must be applied on the inner and outer surfaces of the chicken.
  • Marinate the chicken for some time so that it may absorb more and more of the moisture and provide best taste.
  • While the chicken is absorbing the spices, you must prepare the gas grill. For this, apply some edible oil on the grill and switch the gas on. The temperature must not be more that 255-270 degrees F.
  • Now, place the chicken inside the grill.
  • Temperature monitoring should be stricter now. Keep an eye on the thermometer and adjust the flame accordingly.
  • When the side exposed to fire becomes darker, turn it down. Keep on doing this at regular intervals.
  • It will take approximately 35 to 45 minutes to completely cook the chicken after the grilling has been started.
  • Even if you don’t know the complete details of how to cook chicken on a gas grill, you can perceive that the indication of completeness is browning of the meat. Also an inner temperature of 161 to 175 indicates the accomplishment of cooking.

In order to get the characteristic smoky flavor, you can add some wooden chips or dust. This will impart the same taste to the chicken as found in charcoal grilled chicken.