In this modern world, temptation is around every corner. Rich foods and delicious snacks, along with the lure of alcoholic beverages, are together the downfall of many, as a glance at the considerable girth of large numbers of the public seen on the streets today will confirm.

While there may be other underlying reasons for people falling victim to creeping obesity, there can be no denying that food cravings are a huge menace. The temptation of a sugary or fatty snack can be overwhelming. One such indulgence can undo almost all the good work done throughout the rest of the day, as a high calorie snack of this kind can pile on the pounds almost instantly.

Therefore it is vital that anyone who has a problem with such food cravings tries to develop strategies to avoid temptation. One huge ally in the battle against flab is the humble glass of water. It has become quite well known in recent times that water is a vital, purifying substance that should be drunk freely for that reason alone. But, moreover, drinking a glass of water can take your mind off a food craving. It feels like you are filling yourself up with something, yet it contains literally no calories. By the time you have drunk the water, you will likely have forgotten your chocolate craving, at least for the time being.

In a similar way, drinking a hot drink like a cup of herbal tea can also go some way towards satisfying the craving of your taste buds, and filling your stomach up, while avoiding the calorific nightmare of a fat or sugar packed snack.

When you are trying to lead a healthy life and stay trim, another fantastic tool in your armory is to exercise daily. This works in several ways. Of course, one is that by exercising you burn up calories instead of storing them as fat. But, in addition, exercise actually reduces the appetite, as well as speeding up the body’s metabolism. Conversely, leading an inactive, sedentary life slows down the metabolism, so that calories are burned off slower, plus boredom sets in, which inevitably leads to temptation. Food cravings are rarely about genuine hunger but rather are an expression of boredom.

If you follow these strategies every day you will soon train your body and mind not to expect snacks. Gradually your cravings will fade and you should see the benefits in the form of a trimmer waistline.